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In 1348 to 1350 The black plague later discovered to be bubonic plague, had killed millions of people due to the streets being filled with trash, rotting dead animals and sewage. This created an environment for illness to thrive. Disease-carrying animals were attracted to the trash in the streets. Animals such as rodents would carry fleas and the fleas would jump onto a human which would then bite them and transfer the disease known as bubonic plague.
Although there is still to this day no cure for the disease best management practices are how we keep our streets from becoming a place where illness can thrive. By keeping the streets cleaned and eliminating the attraction of disease-carrying animals and practicing proper hygiene we were able to combat the plague.  Power washing is one of those management practices. By keeping your place of business cleaned you are contributing to the city by doing your part.

Our aim is to help keep the streets clean in an environmentally conscious way. We use and maintain state of the art equipment with the ability to reclaim. Reclaim gives us the ability to keep pollutants from entering the storm drains. Accompanied by the reclaim equipment we use bat guards to keep oils and heavy metals from entering the storm drains.
Vegas Pressure wash is apart of a National Org called The United Association of Mobile Cleaning Contractors. Jill Shelton is the regional director for the UAMCC Environmental Committee. Through this Org, we are certified in the training of power washing and reclamation. This Org is made up of members that seek to improve the power washing industry through education and training.
Vegas Pressure wash has been in business since 2009. Over the years  Chris and Jill Shelton have increased customer service skills through attending industry training classes.
The technicians at Vegas Pressure Wash are highly trained in customer service, the care of concrete, and attention to detail. With these skills and plans put in place, we are able to reach our vision.


If a place is not kept clean it becomes an eyesore, a health problem, and potentially an accident can occur.
By having your place of business power washed on a reoccurring basis it will relieve you of the worry of any potential incidents and create a welcoming atmosphere and attract customers.
Its simple, a dirty looking place of business brings unwanted guests and brings down the neighborhood likeness.
Customers and clients will choose to shop or rent from areas of town that are nicer. With fewer spills, gum, and debris on the concrete the less corrosion to your concrete that can occur.

Our Story

After working many years with his father at his fathers business, Chris Shelton inherited a surface cleaner. After attending a few conventions he had decided that he wanted to do his part in making Nevada a cleaner place by providing power washing services to Clark County, Nevada. His wife Jillian Shelton, having previous experience working as an accountant for a small landscape company brought these skills to the table. At the bringing of 2009 we started Vegas Pressure Wash.  We are continuously growing and developing to better accommodate you.

Meet the Team

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From left to right:

Jillian Shelton, Secretary & Owner-Vegas Pressure Wash

Chris Shelton, Director & Owner-Vegas Pressure Wash

Tony Shelton, Director & Owner-Sonitx, Inc

Shelly Shelton, Treasurer & Owner-Sonitx, Inc

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