Some of our most commonly asked questions

What’s your satisfaction policy?

If you are unhappy with the completed services you have 48 hours to notify us of the problem. We will come back out to take care of it.
Please note, anything that happens after we have left that was caused by an incident unrelated to our service, such as a spill, new gum, etc we are not responsible for it. This would be taken care of in the next service. That is why we recommend a reoccurring service because messes reoccur.

Do you take pictures?

Yes, we have a reporting system that is included in our service to you. You get a report before we even leave the site. It is time-stamped and GPS tracked so you know when we were there, which of our techs were there, and pictures of the work completed.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions Monday- Friday 8am-6pm.
Emergency services are available after hours and on weekends. We ask that you call and leave a voicemail and leave an email with the subject: Emergency this way we can be sure to get ahold of you. Pictures of the emergency are always helpful to help with the speedy process of getting to the site to take care of the situation.

What is your hourly cost?

Our hourly rate is an average of $100 per hour. However, requesting a quote is best. Although that is our average it really varies based upon the scope of work, site, and frequency.
Emergency services are more hourly due to the timely response and equipment need to complete the job accurately and timely.

How do I know how much the emergency service will cost me?

Once we are on site we evaluate the job site, contact you with the price, and start once the price is agreed upon.